The definition of an locked Blackberry it's when the original carrier had put a program lock in order to be used only with the initial carrier .There is a solid financial incentive behind the lock the carriers programs their Blackberry.The Blackberry lock is also known by network lock or sim lock .The Imei is used for the process to unlock Blackberry and also to blacklist a stolen phone , the owner can contact the provider to stop it by sending a signal instruction .Every Blackberry has a different Imei you can find by dialing *#06# . The subsidy lock can be bypassed by entering a program code to unlock Blackberry .The original carrier's intention about the lock to secure and recover the totality costs of the Blackberry and without that lock subscribers are free to use their phone with other convenient providers or may sell the phones.Blackberry phones can be unlocked but the technique to free the phone is not always perfect and it can happen to see the phone loosing of many functionality .You can obtain an unlock code for any Blackberry phone from your carrier but it cost almost the price of a new cellphone.There are softwares capable to change the programed lock by modifying and rewritten the Blackberry firmware and this process is also applied to other brand of phones like the iPhone .With it's rich business applications and programs all the companies employees are using Blackberry phones.The home base of Research in Motion is located in Ontario, Canada .They started as a small company and later on they amazed the world with their innovative technology and their special Blackberry messenger .Many different retailers sell unlocked Blackberry phones including eBay the big online store for auctions where sellers auction also locked phones and warns buyers about the incompatibility of the phone with other providers. Locked or unlocked , that's the question and before getting your Blackberry from any dealer you should discuss this option because many of them don't care and try just to sell.If you are seeking to or buying one you need first to get informed from your actual provider about the compatibility and sometimes sellers also have no clue about the unlocking subject and will assure you that the phone will work with any carrier while it's not .Unlocked Blackberry phones are sold in the market 3 times higher than the locked ones and before you acquire one do first some research about the seller profile and feedback . Get the easy way to for a low price at one of the best rated sites in this field . the process is done with code and all what you need is the Blackberry Imei you can find usually in the battery compartment.

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